Haitian Relief Services is operated by a retired American Airline Pilot, Pat O`Malley and a retired Physics Professor, Curt Larson. 100% of all funds collected since 1992 have gone into one of our  Haiti projects.Funds at this time are going to increase the teachers salary from $ 80 to $ 130 a month. A 60 lb. sack of rice cost $ 60 and a 60 lb. sack of beans cost $80. Monthly donations would change lives!

Orphan needs help.

Orphan needs help.


The Founder .....PAt

Pat OMalley on left

You have opened a window into the one of the most impoverished nations on earth. See how these noble people struggle to survive with dignity in a country  whose barren inhospitable landscape  defies any attempt to produce sustainable crops . Only with the help of your generosity will the future of the new generations of Haitians be hopeful.


Haiti - 2nd floor school-nov-2010 102

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